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Our Mission

We believe in altering lives and shifting the paradigm

We envision change

Ready Rock Institute of Technology, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was established to educate, motivate, create pathways, and alter the course of the lives of underprivileged youth focused on STEM workforce and entrepreneurship.  Our focus on both technology and business career paths (HR, Sales, Finance, Marketing, Engineering, & Leadership) creates more opportunities for students with diverse skills and interests, resulting in earning higher salaries & the rebuilding of communities at a larger scale

Computer Office Work


Utilizing a Unique Funnel Approach

Speaker Series

Each one, reach one, teach one. We provide real life examples by bringing in tech professionals across a variety of fields to speak in front of our kids.

Technology Package

Close to 40% of  underprivileged students do not have high speed internet nor own the appropriate devices to complete simple homework  task.

Courses & Curriculum

We increase excitement and proficiency across a variety of STEM and entrepreneurial  fields through solution-based curriculum and activities that are fun and educational.

Mentoring Program

We set up each mentee with multiple mentors from the STEM field through which they build proficiency, confidence and direction with the help of one-to-one mentoring.


  • Intro to computer science level 1&2

  • How computers work: Basic web, mobile, app game programming. 

  • CompTIA Fundamentals

  • What is the internet, how it works, what jobs are available, and how to gain those skills

  • Entry-level website development

  • Learning Management Systems

  • A+ Certificate 10 weeks

  • App Development

  • Music Engineering through Ai

  • Microsoft Certified Technician

  • Intro to Cybersecurity


  • Intro to Sales

  • Tech Marketing

  • Selling to the Government 101

  • Build your own brand “ How to be an Entrepreneur”

  • How to write professional emails

  • Project Management


  • Command Confidence & Self Validation Course

  • Ways to manage stress

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Planning & time management

  • Taking responsibility

  • Clear communication

  • Conflict resolution

  • Situation awareness



Help us help the children. Get in touch today and start making a difference.

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